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Types of Commercial Roofing

types of commercial roofing

1. Flat Roofs

As one of the area’s most trusted and versatile commercial roofers, Blue Nail offers the best prices and superior service on flat roofs in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area.  We install, maintain and repair flat roofs, and stand firmly behind every roof we service.

  • Affordable rates on flat roof repairs
  • Installation of new & replacement flat roofs
  • Custom maintenance packages for businesses
  • We service commercial roofs of every size
  • 100% guaranteed satisfaction on all flat roof services

If you’re experiencing leaks, sagging, or other signs of obvious wear, call Blue Nail to discuss your options.  We’ll give you a free estimate on all of our Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex flat roof installs or repairs, as well as free on-site consultations to discuss your project.

2. MB Roofing Systems, Modified Bitumen

Modified bitumen, or simply MB roof systems, remains the number one choice among owners of flat roof buildings in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.  This highly-resistant commercial & industrial roof application has uncanny durability, provides excellent weather resistance, and is available in a select number of color choices.

modified bitumen roofing dfw
  • One of the most versatile commercial roofing applications
  • The preferred choice among businesses with flat roofs
  • An economical roof solution that requires little maintenance
  • Can be applied using hot asphalt, and cold or torch applications
  • Money-saving manufacturer rebates & discounts available

Blue Nail utilizes a special application process which significantly eliminates odors and potentially harmful fumes.  Our process, when coupled with the expertise and diverse experience of our commercial roofing staff, makes for a perfectly-installed MB roof system.

Call Blue Nail today to learn more about the advantages of Modified Bitumen in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, or get a free written estimate for service. 

3. Metal Roofs, Sheet Metal & Panel Style

Panel-style metal roofs can be used in a wide range of commercial roofing applications, including those based exclusively around the ultra-modern appearance it imparts.   Sheet metal roof panels, when installed properly by highly-trained professional roofers, can actually be a very weather-resistant and energy-efficient solution.

Panel style metal roofs are ideal for Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex businesses, in light of their consistent value and ability to withstand hail, heat and other elements.

Metal Roof Repair
Metal Roof Repair
  • An affordable way to give your roof a stylish look
  • Ideal for warehouses, factories and industrial complexes
  • Can be installed vertically, horizontally, or custom-designed
  • Metal panel roofs require very little maintenance
  • Can provide seamless drainage when properly installed

If you’ve been looking for a way to enhance the look, style and durability of your commercial or industrial building, call Blue Nail for a free consultation and guaranteed written estimates.  We’ve been installing and repairing commercial roofs in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex for over a decade.

4. Rubber Roofs, EPDM

EPDM roofs remain a sound option for Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex businesses, especially those where fire and chemical resistance is key.  Rubber roofs such as EPDM, are the preferred system among a wide range of industrial companies, based on their long-lasting durability, unique chemical properties, and economic value over time.  Blue Nail has been installing and maintaining rubber & EPDM roofs in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex for over a decade

  • High  performance roofing for Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex businesses
  • Can be installed quickly by experienced professional roofers
  • Proven to stand up to Texas heat, sun, wind & rain
  • A very popular option for flat & low-slope roofs in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex 
  • Dense single-ply membranes prevent leaks & seams

If your property or commercial building currently utilizes rubber roofing or EPDM replacement roofs, consider doing what other successful Dallas businesses have done.  Call Blue Nail for a free consultation and estimate on rubber roofs in Dallas TX, or get additional information on all of our commercial & industrial roof services.

5. Single Ply Roof Systems (PVC, TPO)

The surge in demand and popularity for single-ply roofs in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex has been fueled by a number of factors.  Single ply roofs are designed to be affordable and effective, with uncompromising durability in comparison to built-up roofs.  Blue Nail continues to be one of the leading installers of Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex single-ply roof systems, and has been locally-owned and operated for more than a decade.

  • The perfect balance of affordability and durability
  • Known for its exceptional weather resistant properties
  • Performs flawlessly in extreme heat and cold temps
  • Specializing in TPO & PVC single-ply roof systems
  • Popular among industrial building owners & property managers 
  • Ideal for both new and replacement commercial roofs

In and throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex,  Blue Nail is committed to providing the absolute best service on single ply roof systems.  All systems are installed by highly-qualified Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex roofers, and backed by Blue Nail’s 100% guarantee on all our services.

Call Blue Nail today to make an appointment or get answers to your roofing questions.

6. Standing Seam & Sheet Metal Roofs

Sheet metal roofing offers a level of protection that is incomparable, to others such as tar & gravel, ceramic, wood roofs and shingles.  Many industries rely on standing seam metal roofing for its fire resistant benefits; others use for its weather resistance, low maintenance and performance/longevity value.

  • A Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex leader in standing-seam sheet metal roofs
  • We offer custom sheet metal fabrication services
  • Renowned for its ability to resist flame, hail & winds
  • Metal roofs can last decades when properly maintained
  • Ideal for many industrial & commercial roofing applications

When it comes to unsurpassed quality and selection, Blue Nail Roofing is consistently ranked #1 among commercial Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex roofers.  We can fabricate and design a standing seam sheet metal roof to meet your exact needs, budget and long terms operation concerns.

Call Blue Nail today and find out how advantageous a sheet metal roof system can be.

7. Stone-Coated Metal Tile Roofs

Stone coating metal roof tiles, a supremely durable solution in the hot Dallas climate, can instantly transform the appearance, style and value of your home.  They come in a seemingly endless spectrum of colors, textures and sizes, and are available for custom applications as well.

  • Premium commercial roof application for Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex businesses
  • Provides unparalleled protection against sun & severe storms
  • Shown to increase home value vs traditional shingled roofs
  • Can help in significantly lowering heating cooling bills
  • Ongoing rebates & discounts from top roofing manufacturers

Blue Nail is proud to be regarded as one of the leading installers of stone-coated metal tile roofing systems in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. We install, repair and maintain a wide variety of stone-coat metal tile roofs, and offer a comprehensive selection of tiles from the industry’s most popular brands.

When you demand nothing less than the absolute finest grade of commercial roofing in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, we hope you’ll let Blue Nail experience and expertise to work for you.

8. Tar & Gravel Roofs

Ideal for flat roofs and those with modest slants, gravel tar roofs are a popular choice among businesses, warehouses and manufacturing facilities in the Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex.  Blue Nail, one of the area’s most well-respected commercial roofers, makes it easy and affordable to have the durability and low maintenance of a tar & gravel roof.

  • The most competitive rates on gravel roofs in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex
  • Environmentally-friendly materials used whenever possible
  • Friendly, reliable service & maintenance of commercial roofs
  • We stand behind every commercial roof we install & service
  • Our team specializes in new tar & gravel roof installation

If you’ve been considering replacing your company’s roof, call Blue Nail Roofing to schedule a complementary on-site appointment.  We offer free evaluations and back all our work with an unconditional service guarantee.

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