As Seasons Change Do Your In-Home Maintenance Checklist

As Seasons Change Do Your In-Home Maintenance Checklist

There’s a lot to do as the seasons change – enjoy the beauty of nature, switch out your summer clothes for winter clothes, and perhaps start cooking heartier foods. But the thing that you should never neglect to do before the winter snows really hit is take the time to winterize your home, or at least perform the basic yearly inspections and maintenance that will prepare your home to protect you against the harsh weather that is coming. Not only can this kind of a checklist provide longevity to your home that you will enjoy in years to come, but it is one of the best ways to make the home a little more efficient and save yourself a little money.

The Checklist To Follow:

  • Windows and Doors: It is the windows and doors that keep out nasty drafts. Through the summer you haven’t been looking for them, but don’t ignore their presence. Get weather stripping and seal any cracks or gaps that might have formed. Doing this helps to keep windows and doors air tight helping to keep out the cold. Better protection here means furnace and heater systems don’t have to work as hard to keep a house warm, which means you save money.
  • Furnaces: Obviously this is the heart of a home, the very source of the comfort and warmth fighting back the chill of the winter storms outside. Furnace filters can get clogged with dirt and benefit from a cleaning or replacement. With a clean filter, furnaces don’t have to fight to get the heat out into the house.
  • Fireplaces: If you’re going to use a real wood burning fireplace this year, make sure that your chimneys are clear and clean. Fireplaces can suffer from build up of soot and creosote, which is a flammable residue. Clean out a fireplace before you start using it for the year.
  • Home Safety Alarm Systems: Make sure to utilize the proper home fire and CO alarm equipment. An inspection should be performed at least yearly to make sure that the alarms are working and that batteries have life. These alarms protect against the chance that something does go wrong with a fireplace or otherwise.

Winter months bring their own kind of complications for the home. Roofs and gutters should also be inspected for debris or extra wear. If these things aren’t well maintained they can let the warm out and the cool in, along with other problems. These inspections are easy and shouldn’t take much time at all. But for those who are busy or incapable of performing these inspections the team at Blue Nail Enterprises is happy to help get the job done and get you prepared for winter.

For more information and answers to any applicable questions call Blue Nail or email us.


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