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Benefits of GAF Lifetime Roofing Systems

Benefits of GAF Lifetime Roofing Systems

When the time comes to replace an old, damaged or outdated roof, there are obviously a number of options that can be taken based on budget, time constraints and other factors. For homeowners planning on staying in their home for the foreseeable future, GAF roofing systems continue to be among the most trusted and reliable for those seeking exceptional protection, beauty and long-lasting reliability.

In this article we’ll explain the benefits of a GAF Lifetime Roof System, while reviewing the various quality measures and steps taken to ensure a perfect, flawless install.

Removal of Old Roofing Materials

The first step in GAF Lifetime roof replacement process is the proper and thorough removal of all old roofing materials. This includes carefully removing old shingles, barrier layers, ridge caps and any debris which may have accumulated over time. Once the roof surface has been completely cleared, a skilled GAF roofer will conduct an in-depth evaluation of all key structures. This is done to identify any underlying damage and making proper repairs before installing the new roof.

Roof Leak Barrier and Surface Deck Protection

Once it’s determined that the surface and support structures are prepped and ready, your installer will begin the installation of a leak barrier. This self-adhering waterproof membrane protects the surface and other vulnerable areas against moisture, strong winds and other forms of storm damage. Combined with the application of GAF deck protection materials, you’ll be better protected against common problems such as shingle blow-off, leaks and buckling.

Roof Shingle Prep and Installation

With the underlying surface fully stripped, evaluated and prepped, the process of installing roof shingles can begin. The first step is the installation of starter shingles at the perimeter, which provides further protection against blow-off and leaks. From there, your asphalt shingles are installed following GAF’s meticulous process; uniquely designed to provide protection and years of worry-free use. GAF shingles are available in a full spectrum of styles and colors, allowing you to create the perfect look for your home.

Roof Hip and Ridge Protection

Once all shingles have been installed, the roof ridge vent serves as one of the final steps in the innovative GAF roofing system process. A ridge vent is installed to help eliminate trapped heat and moisture from your attic, before installing cap shingles to the ridge and hip areas for a clean, seamless appearance. Together, this combination of innovative application and superior roofing materials results in a gorgeous roofing system that adds beauty, value and weather protection to your Dallas area home.

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