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Choosing the Best Roof for Your Home


If you’ve been in your home for any significant period of time, the day will eventually come when you need to consider the possibility of a roof replacement.  We know, we know… it’s not something people like to think about.  However, having a wide base of knowledge on the many different types of roofing options, will serve you well should replacement become an inevitable or urgent need.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular options for residential Dallas-Fort Worth TX roof installations and replacements:

Impact Resistance Roofs

Just as its name implies, impact resistance roofs are designed and manufactured specifically to withstand a wide range of weather elements.  Considering that the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area is notorious for high temperatures, blistering sun, strong wind and powerful rains, many homeowners make this their go-to replacement roof every time.

Tile Roofing

Tile roofs have a stylish and elegant appearance, and serve as a smart way to improve the look, protection and energy efficiency of your Dallas home.  Tile shingles are offered in an extensive array of designs, textures, colors and varying sizes.  Many homeowners make the transition from asphalt shingles to tile roofs in order to boost their home’s value and curb appeal.

Wood Shingle Roof

Whether you live in the country or simply want to give your suburban home a little country flare, shakes and wood shingles roofs are a great choice.  They can instantly add a touch of rustic elegance to your home, and are renowned for their UV resistance, natural drainage properties and superior energy efficiency.

Need Help Deciding Which Roof is Best for Your Home?

As one of the most respected and well-reviewed Dallas-Fort Worth TX roofers, Blue Nail takes pride in helping homeowners select the ideal roof for their house.  Whether you’re moving, just arrived or need to replace and old, outdated roofing system, we will work with you to find one that’s right for your needs and budget.

To make an appointment or get more info on what sets us apart, contact Blue Nail today at 855-255-1975.  We look forward to making your new roof one you’re proud of!

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