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Don’t Procrastinate on Making Insurance Home Repairs


If you’ve received a check from your insurance company for roof damage, waiting for extended periods of time to make the necessary repairs might not be the best idea.  It’s perfectly natural to get that check in your hand, only to start thinking of other ways in which you can (or want) to spend the money.  But as far too many homeowners have found out, this can go horribly wrong; especially if your roof suffers additional damage prior to having the initial repairs made.

Waiting to Make Roof Repairs Can Be More Costly

Here’s a scenario to consider:  Let’s assume you’ve received a ten-thousand dollar check from your homeowners insurance to cover the cost of a roof damaged by severe storms.  Upon seeing that money, you decide to pay some bills, buy some clothes or even shop around for a solution that is less expensive, potentially allowing you to pocket some of the insurance money.  As days and weeks go by, another storm hits and ends up doing even more damage to your roof.  Once again, you’re back on the phone asking the insurance company if they will cover these new damages.

Naturally, the first thing they’re going to ask is whether or not you’ve made the repairs that they originally issued a check for.  If you have not, they likely will not be obligated to cover a roof that was already damaged, citing that the homeowner induced non-coverage by choosing to not make repairs that had been previously reimbursed.

Avoid More Costly Roof Damage & Expenses

We know it’s tempting to spend insurance claim money on things that have nothing to do with roof repair, but this is one area where you simply cannot afford to take chances.  If you’ve been reimbursed by your insurance company for a roof replacement or significant repairs, time is not on your side.  Dallas-Fort Worth TX weather is unpredictable and the hammer can drop without warning.

When it comes to Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex roofing service, Blue Nail is a company trusted by homeowners and contractors throughout the DFW community.  We specialize in all types of roof replacements and repairs, and go out of our way to help you get the most from your homeowner’s insurance claim.  Call us today at 855-255-1975.

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