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Exterior Vinyl Soffit, New Gutters & Fascia

Exterior Vinyl Soffit, New Gutters & Fascia

In this video Eric Thomason of Blue Nail Enterprises takes you on a walk-through of an exterior remodeling project we recently completed. After working closely with the homeowners to determine the best look and course of action for their house, we installed new vinyl soffit and wrapped all of the exterior trim and fascia to enhance appearance and protection while eliminating the need to paint.

Additionally, the garage door was painted to match the home’s new exterior color scheme, paying close attention to masking everything perfectly for no mess. A new set of gutters and downspouts were installed, with dark black around the main portion of the home and copper to offset the look of the rear patio.

Prior to starting on this project, the old soffit and trim were showing significant signs of age and environmental wear. And while this may seem like nothing more than an unsightly feature of the home, it can actually present a number of other challenges ranging from bugs and pests, to reduced energy efficiency and higher heating/cooling costs. Here’s a more detailed recap of the various steps we took to bring out the true beauty of this home.

  • Old soffit replaced with new, more modern-looking soffit
  • All trim and fascia was wrapped in aluminum coil stock
  • Eliminates the need to paint for reduced exterior maintenance
  • Installation of new gutters and downspouts, black with copper on patio
  • Professional paint job on garage door to match the home’s exterior

Call the Leading Dallas-Fort Worth TX Home Remodeling Company

If you’ve been putting off that long-overdue exterior remodeling project, spring is a great time to give your home an inspiring new look! Blue Nail Enterprises is proud to be one of the most well-established and trusted remodeling companies in the Dallas-Fort Worth TX area, and we’ve been serving the local community for over two decades.

Get in touch to learn more about this and other recent projects, or get answers to your questions about soffit installation, gutter replacement, painting or any of our expert services.  We can be reached by phone at 855-255-1975 or by email thorough our website’s contact page.

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