How Blue Nail Roofing Supports Habitat for Humanity

Blue Nail Roofing Supports Habitat for Humanity

Since 1976 Habitat for Humanity has been building homes for families experiencing extreme financial difficulties, as well as those who’ve lost their home after suffering a traumatic hardship.  Over those past 40 years, they have helped nearly 7 million people enjoy the comforts of a home to call their own.  As a leading Dallas-Fort Worth TX roofing company, Habitat for Humanity is a charity that Blue Nail is genuinely proud to support in whatever capacity we’re able.

For the past few years, Blue Nail Roofing has done many projects per year with Habitat for Humanity in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area.  These projects are conducted in partnership with Naaman Forest High School in Garland TX as a way to give back and help those most in need throughout the community.  Historically, the student of Naaman Forest will oversee and complete the construction of the house.  Once constructed, Blue Nail contributes by providing the roofing materials, professional installation and final roof inspection all at no cost.

This year we mixed things up a little.  Instead of us installing the new roof after completion of the house, we invited those students interested in learning roofing to get involved on our side of things.  It served as a very rewarding way for Blue Nail to not only roof a new home for such a worthwhile cause, but also in helping students experience and learn more about the roofing profession.

Want to Help Habitat for Humanity?

If you would like to know more about Habitat for Humanity or how you can get involved, we’ve included a link to their website here.  Going forward we at Blue Nail Roofing in Dallas-Fort Worth TX remain excited about the opportunity to help with Habitat’s future projects, by providing the same superior roof services we’ve become known for over the past two decades.

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