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Looking for Easy Dallas-Fort Worth TX Roof Financing?

Easy Dallas-Fort Worth TX Roof Financing

It’s understandable that when the time comes to replace your roof, most hardworking people aren’t secretly sitting on hidden piles of cash.  It’s a big expense and a major undertaking, we get it.  And when you consider what a significant investment it is to your home, the last thing anyone wants to do is skimp on quality materials or installation.  This is when having the ability to finance a new roof can be extremely handy.

At Blue Nail in Dallas-fort Worth TX, we’re proud to offer one of the easiest ways to finance the installation of a new or replacement roof.  Here are just a handful of reasons why more Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area homeowners choose Blue Nail for the most stress-free roof financing:

12 Months Same as Cash on Roof Installs

At Blue Nail one of our foremost goals is to make installing a new roof as easy, stress-free and affordable as possible.  One of the ways we’ve been able to accomplish this is by offering 12 months, same-as-cash financing on roof installs and replacements.  This can significantly lessen the upfront financial burden, by allowing you ample time to spread out payments without taking a massive hit in the form of interest.

Convenient On-site Approval

We’ve found that with many roofing contractors, getting financed involves a lengthy delay, waiting for a phone call, and more stress than anyone needs during a major home renovation.  Blue Nail has drastically simplified the process, and is pleased to offer fast, on-site financing approval.  In doing so, we give you the freedom to make a decision right away if you’re ready to move forward, while allowing us the opportunity to get started on your new roof sooner.

Keep Your Insurance Check

If your homeowners insurance is covering the expense of your replacement roof, financing may allow you to keep some or all of your insurance money in order to focus on other home improvement needs.  It has become a popular option for homeowners who are looking to complete simultaneous renovations at once, while spreading the insurance reimbursement out for use in multiple home repairs.  This can include projects such as new windows, construction, room additions and many others.

If you’re dealing with an old or damaged roof that’s in dire need of replacement, or if you’ve been struggling with how to afford it, Blue Nail can almost certainly help.  To learn more about our special roofing finance options, give us a call at 855-255-1975.  We also offer the same convenient financing on window installations, construction projects and other major home renovations.

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