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Perform Your Home Inspection And Enjoy The Changing Seasons

Home Inspection

As the seasons change and you prepare to settle in for a beautiful fall and long winter, it’s important that you prepare your home for the change as well. There’s nothing that can make for a worse winter than forgetting some of the essential maintenance chores that keep your home, roof, windows and doors protecting you from the onslaught of winter weather. The best thing to do every autumn is prepare with a quick checklist of inspections that you can actually perform yourself. If you don’t have time to get around to it yourself, you can always call us at Blue Nail Roofing and we’ll be more than happy to make sure the job gets done and your winter is a wonderful one.

Roof and Gutters

Harsh winter weather affects every side of your home, but the roof takes it the worst. Checking up on the roof and in gutters and down spouts is important. If a gutter is clogged by debris from the autumn change and falling leaves, it can end up causing serious problems later on. No one wants a clogged gutter or down spout to end up causing ice damming on the roof.

Of course check the roof itself for shingle damage; this might present itself in the form of cracked, bald or curling shingles. If there is what seems like sand in the gutters, this can be representative of extra wear on shingles. If any flashing is showing or there are wet spots around vents, have a professional visit and make sure everything is taken care of before winter hits.


Four Sturdy Walls

You would have noticed if a wall went missing, but you probably haven’t noticed if gaps and cracks have appeared around windows and doors. Make sure to check for these and seal any that might be forming. Also take time to inspect your property, fix cracked sidewalks and winterize faucets so that the water doesn’t freeze in your pipes.

Bring on the Heater

Home heating is the mainstay of winter. Make sure that as winter comes on your home is prepared for it. Clean and replace furnace filters. Inspect fireplaces for soot and creosote residues that have built up since last year. Also, if you intend to burn wood, make sure the chimneys and fireplace are clear and safe to use.

Safety First

No matter what you get done, make sure that you routinely check your safety alarm systems. This includes testing smoke detectors to make sure their batteries are working, as well as CO monitors. Make sure you have fire alarms in main rooms of the home, especially the kitchen. And always know the family safety plans for home evacuation. This isn’t fun, but it makes sure that even the most unlikely events have been prepared for.  

All of these steps do take a little time, but they aren’t just good for your home, they’re great for your pocketbook. You will save money by keeping your home sealed up tight against the cold, helping your fireplace and furnace so they don’t have to work as hard. There’s nothing like the warmth of home as the weather turns chilly and the seasons prepare to fall.


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