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Protecting Your Dallas-Fort Worth TX Home from Tornado Damage


If you’ve had the misfortune of being caught in the path of a tornado, you don’t need us to remind you of how emotionally devastating the experience can be.  For those who’ve only seen what they can do from television and photographs, consider yourself quite fortunate.  The greater Dallas-Fort Worth area is no stranger to twisters, and many are now taking proactive measures to make sure they’re protected.

At Blue Nail, our team has witnessed first-hand how destructive a tornado can be, and we’re constantly looking for innovative ways to help you protect your home and loved ones.  In this article, we’re going to review some of the benefits of having an annual structural review of your home or standalone building.

What is a Structural Inspection

What even some of the most savvy homeowners often overlook, is how the most seemingly harmless framing issues can escalate into weaknesses of great concern.  A structural inspection is a special type of home/building evaluation, with close attention paid to unnoticed framing issues, cracks, warps, water damage and many other potential threats.  When performed by a qualified, experienced carpentry professional, they serve as an effective way to identify and resolve problems known to grow worse over time.

Minor Repairs Now, or Major Repairs Later?

There are several key goals when performing a structural inspection, but let’s consider two of the most dire.  The first would be to ensure that your home or building is in the best structural position to withstand even Mother Nature’s harshest wrath.  The other, is to locate and remedy any underlying issues that might result in a catastrophic failure during intense storms.  Resolving them in their earliest stages can ensure a strong, rugged framework and increased peace of mind.

An Expert Knows What to Look For

When we’re taking about professional structure inspections, we’re not talking about your run-of-the-mill walk through the crawlspace with a flashlight and clipboard.  Highly-advanced infrared and moisture-detecting technology can now accurately identify threats that, for decades, remained invisible to the naked eye.  A qualified inspector will thoroughly examine the age and integrity of the framing, nail joints and roofing structures, in addition to key connection points designed to support wind and intense horizontal pressure.

Schedule a Free Dallas-Fort Worth TX Structural Inspection

If you’re concerned about your home or building’s ability to survive the next big tornado, we invite you to call Blue Nail Roofing at 855-255-1975 to schedule a complimentary inspection.  We’re one of the area’s most trusted and well-established roofing companies, and take pride in putting the needs of those we serve first.

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