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Protocols To Deal With Storm Damage

Protocols To Deal With Hail Damage

Severe Storm Damage Protocol

It can be challenging to understand what to do after your property, home, vehicles, and time have been impacted by hail storms. Your home’s roof, siding, windows, and more likely sustained damage and may be functionally compromised. You should utilize this list as a guideline and framework to ensure your home is safe, secure, and deserves the attention it needs after a storm. Check out this video and our suggestions below to make an intelligent and informed decision.

Owner Eric Thomson’s quick hit list for managing storm damage repair.

1. Take Pictures

Photograph everything. Before you move, clean, repair or manipulate anything after a severe weather event, get EVERYTHING photographed. Doing so will be vital as you move through a claims process. This information will justify all incurred time, expense, and property to receive compensation from the insurance company.

2. Protect your property

It is written in your insurance policy as your duty and, therefore, essential that you do your best to prevent further damage to your property if it is safe. A few of these tasks include tarping holes, removing debris, and boarding up windows and doors. An expert should inspect your roof and property so they can document all the damage for you.

3. Beware of Door Knockers

Oh yes, you will have roofer upon roofer knock at your door offering to assist, inspect and re-roof your house. These aren’t necessarily bad people, but you should be mindful of who you invite onto your roof. There will be a continuing onslaught of companies wanting your business until you decide. You can use this pdf to print and post the appropriate message on your door to help decrease heavy foot traffic, show that you are already working with our team, or are a roofing contractor not in need of help.
Download the pdf Here: Door Knocker Signs

4. Vet Roofers And Contractors. Insist on Insurance Documentation. 

We love our state and prefer to spend our money here. Unfortunately, the only requirement to be a contractor in Texas is ……. wait for it ……. a desire! That’s right! No requirements. No storefront, insurance, or licensing is required, which can make for a wrong decision if you’re not careful. You must have a trusted company like Blue Nail Roofing & Construction help you through the initial stage of estimation and understanding to ensure you get the best value for your money. Beware of small companies with no internet presence or time in the industry.

5. Keep all receipts and invoices

Keep a file and document all incurred expenses for review and consideration from your insurance company. This may be cleaning, tree service, temporary repairs, water damage, structural compromise, and ongoing environmental impact on your home due to exposure to the elements.

6. Get your claim filed

Make sure your carrier knows you have filed a claim. They will dispatch an adjuster to get to you as soon as possible. It is imperative to make your insurance aware of the damage to your home as soon as you can. Having your contractor involved in this process will make it much less stressful and allow for a professional opinion on your adjustments when the time comes.

7. Be Patient

Damage created by a high-magnitude storm that affects many homes can be time-consuming and challenging to scope and estimate. You must understand it may take months up to a year in some cases to get your property back in working order depending on the severity of the damage. Engineers, contractors, and insurance companies may need to collaborate to provide resolution and quality restoration to your property.

8. Identify And Include All Damage in Your Claim

Insurance adjusters and contractors are often in a hurry and miss significant damage.  A thorough inspection of a property takes time.  A contractor rushing the process can miss damage. Hiring the first person with a tool belt or a fancy truck to fix your property is easy and tempting. It is wise to take some time and research someone who has experience in the industry, knows how to inspect the damage, and is dedicated to your project and the process. Check reviews, references, BBB ratings, and suppliers, and look for manufacturer accreditations. These items will help you make the right decisions regarding rebuilding and restoring.

9. Share this with your neighbors

They could be confused, uncertain, and need some help. Sometimes a simple list of what to do can be a world of support in a stressful situation.

10. Contact a Local Contractor for an Inspection of Your Property

Blue Nail Roofing and Construction is a DFW metroplex leader in roofing and property repair. Look no further if you need a keen eye and want a trustworthy company. Our team is tenured and proven. If you want a professional property assessment at no cost, contact us through form fill, chat, or call us at 855-255-1975 so we can help you get your home back in shape. We look forward to helping you get your home back in top condition. Remember, wind or hail – Call Blue Nail!

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