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5 Major Signs Your Roof Needs Repair

The 5 Major Signs Your Roof Needs Repair

Your roof takes damage that you probably don’t even think about, however there are a number of warning signs your roof needs repair.  Just because you don’t see light or water coming in indicating major damage, doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem. You probably aren’t paying attention to all the other things happening right above your head and contributing to roof damage.  Aging is an inevitable process, but unusual weather can cause both immediate damage and reduce the service life of your roof.  Keep reading to learn about some major signs your roof needs repair ASAP.  Even if your roof isn’t currently leaking, it could still have inadequate insulation or ventilation. This may be costing you money in the form of higher utility bills. 

1. Missing, Cracked, and Broken Shingles

If you get on your roof to check your shingles, you may notice missing shingles or shingles that have been cracked or warped.  This is an obvious sign of damage, but others like water stains on the roofing material itself may not be.  This is very common with asphalt shingles and tile roofing.  When there are only a few missing shingles, you can always replace those avoiding a major repair. But, depending on the number of shingles that are missing, you may need to consider roof replacement.

Shingles are often made to be flexible but tend to lose flexibility when they frequently go from wet to dry conditions. Thermal splitting can also occur, which happens when the shingles expand and shrink with the weather. In warm weather, the shingles will expand, while in cold weather the shingles shrink.  Although shingles are made to be resilient, the roof will rapidly lose function if there are cracked or broken shingles, or some missing entirely. 

2. Leaky Roof

A major sign that it’s time to consider a complete roof replacement is if you notice the ceiling is leaking. One of the ways to check is to climb into the attic and investigate the beams. If you see rays of light coming in or streaking on the attic walls, it’s time to get a professional inspection from a roofing services provider.  Contacting a certified roofing contractor is particularly important to avoid costly water damage to your belongings and the rest of the structure. 

After an attic inspection, you should also go onto your roof to inspect for any causes of leaking. You’ll want to check the plumbing vent to see if the boot is damaged or the sealing around it is no longer good.  You’ll also want to check out the other roof vents and if you see that they are cracked, it’s time to replace the whole vent instead of a quick fix with caulking.  You should expect these comprehensive roof inspections from a certified roofing services provider.  There are a variety of reasons you could have a leaky roof, but overall it’s important to get it fixed right away to prevent further damage to your home. a Leaky roof is one of the major signs your roof needs repair immediately.

3. Granules in the Gutter

When you first have a new roof, there will be some shingle granules in your gutter that may look like brown or black sand, but an excess of granules can mean it’s time for a new roof. Granule loss is a sign of old shingles.  Bad weather such as heavy rain and hail are the most damaging when it comes to granule loss. Especially in Texas where thunderstorms and hailstorms are frequent, you need to make sure you are paying attention to your gutters for granules.  This can also indicate excessive wear to hard-to-reach places like under a roof deck.  If you are often on your roof, foot traffic can also cause the shingles to loosen and granules to fall. Granule loss may not be an issue at first, but with time granule loss can be a reason to repair or replace your roof.

4. Sagging Roofs

If you look up at your roof and it seems to look like there is a depression, then it’s time to go into the attic to check the framework of your roof. If you see that the roof is sagging between the rafters it could be a sign that the sheathing is too thin.

Weather can also cause your roof to sag. If you are expecting severe weather then you should make sure your roof is ready to handle the weight of upcoming rain, snow, or hail. Make sure to hire a professional after the storm to clear any snow on your roof so further damage is prevented.  A sagging roof can also be caused by the foundation of the house. If the foundation has shifted over the years it can cause the roof to sag. If you see a few saggy spots in your roof, you should get it taken care of ASAP to prevent possible collapse in the future.

5. Rotting Roof

With time and weather, your roof will deteriorate. Your roof can actually rot depending on the weather it’s experiencing.  Roof sheathing can rot when there is too much moisture in the attic. The moisture can also damage the beams and cause them to rot. If you see beams that look almost black it’s because they are waterlogged and have damage. Over time, this can cause failure of the integrity of the beams.  When damage has been done to the structure of the roof, you will need to fully replace your roof. If the damage isn’t structural then you may be able to limit repair to the specific areas that are rotted and compromised.

However, often when you see a rotted roof you will have to replace your entire roof. This will prevent mold growth from spreading throughout. Mold can cause health issues to your family if not taken care of in a timely manner.  It may not seem ideal to have to replace your roof, but it will prevent further damage and keep your family safe and healthy.

Is It Time?

If you read through this article and recognize signs your roof needs repair, then it’s time to call us to get your roof inspected. The last thing you want is further damage, or a roof leak, and you may even lower your energy bills.  We’ll make sure to take care of your roof and get it back to fully functioning.  Contact us today to schedule an inspection!

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