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The Importance of Dallas-Fort Worth TX Roof Installation Warranties

gaf home warranty

Having a new roof installed, replaced or significantly repaired is one of the most complex tasks associated with owning a home.  We’ve all heard the expression about the importance of “having a roof over your head” though few take into consideration what goes into making it a sound roof.

Within the residential roofing community, GAF (the nation’s most established roofing manufacturers) is well recognized as the industry leader when it comes to roofing warranty protection.  As one of the very limited number of GAF-Certified Master Elite Dallas roofers, Blue Nail feels it’s important to understand as much as you can about how roof installation warranties work, the specifics of which protections they offer, and why they’re so vital when considering which contractor to hire.

What Makes GAF Roofing Warranties Uniquely Desirable

It’s important to remember that only GAF-certified contractors can offer their warranties.  This is done to ensure that you have the highest levels of confidence in your contractor and the quality of their craftsmanship.

GAF Weather Stopper Systems Plus Warranty


One of the most overlooked aspects of roof installs is that approximately two-thirds of roofing problems are the direct result of faulty workmanship on behalf of the installing contractor.  GAF’s Weather Stopper® Systems Plus warranty takes traditional coverage one step further, by offering protection against manufacturing defects of all major GAF parts, as opposed to only covering shingles.  This means that if any roofing component fails, they will be covered for up to 50 years.  GAF also offers additional coverage through their System Plus Ltd Warranty, to further enhance the protection you receive.  Only GAF-certified installers can offer the Weather Stopper Systems Plus warranty.

GAF Golden Pledge® Limited Warranty

The Golden Pledge Warranty is one of the industry’s only protection plans to cover both manufacturing defects and workmanship.  What makes it so unique is that protection spans a twenty-five year period, even if the installing roofer has gone out of business or moved.  Unlike other protection plans, this warranty is only available through GAF Master Elite factory-certified contractors.  As an added incentive, the Golden Pledge warranty includes a thorough quality-assurance inspection by a factory-trained GAF inspector.

GAF Smart Choice Protection Period

Many traditional warranties only cover the cost of replacement parts caused by manufacturing defects, but not the labor involved in getting your roof fixed.  The GAF Smart Choice program provides 100 percent coverage for both parts, as well as reasonable labor costs associated with having them installed.  As a factory-certified Master Elite contractor, Blue Nail is one of the few Dallas-Fort Worth TX roofers who proudly offer and stand behind all GAF warranties.

If you would like to know more about GAF roofing systems, their industry-leading warranty protection, or why Blue Nail is a smart choice to have your new roof installed in the DFW area, we invite you to contact us at 855-255-1975.

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