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Top 10 Benefits of Having a Metal Roof


Are you thinking of installing a metal roof on your home or business? According to reports, metal roofing is the second favorite roofing type in the US and is growing in popularity every year. Metal roofing has a range of benefits and is a brilliant roofing material choice for durability. 

Is it more expensive? Initially, yes. However, don’t let initial price estimates fool you because metal roofing can be highly cost-effective over the long run. It is the longest-lasting roofing type, can reduce your overall energy usage, and require fewer materials to get your roof done.

Ready to find out why many Americans want a metal roof? Keep reading to find out. 


One of the most attractive benefits of metal roofing is its longevity. A metal roof can last 2-3 times longer than asphalt shingles if well installed and maintained. 

On average, a regular metal roof can last between 25-50 years. However, if you select premium metal roofing, these materials can last well over 50 years. Some of the premium metal roofing materials include field-locked standing seam options and custom aluminum shingles. 

Fast Installation

Another advantage of choosing a metal roof is the quick and straightforward installation. Because metal roofing typically comes in large sheets, this speeds up the installation process considerably. 

Metal roofing sheets are also relatively light and come in easy-to-handle dimensions, making installs easier on the roofing companies. 

Fast installation is a great advantage because it often makes finding a good weather window for installation easier for contractors. It can also cut down on overall labor costs. 


The relatively lightweight nature of metal roofing doesn’t just affect the ease of installation. It can also help you to save on costs around engineering and building the supporting structure. 

The average metal roof usually weighs about 1.4 pounds per square foot. Non-metal roofs can weigh between 2-5 pounds per square. This significant weight difference can mean that you don’t need to invest as much money into your home’s support structre. 

It can also allow you to install a new roof over an existing roof, which is usually cheaper than removing the existing roof. 

Reduced Pitch Requirements

Another area where metal roofing is unique is in its pitch requirements. Unlike certain other roofing materials, metal roofing can be installed on very low-slope roofs. If you opt for standing seam roofing, you can use this on shallow roof pitches, in some cases even as low as 1-in-12 (1-inch rise for every horizontal foot).

Besides allowing for more flexibility in design, building your roof at a low pitch can also require fewer materials. In turn, fewer materials can allow you to achieve extra savings. 

A Metal Roof Is a Sustainable Option

Not only is a metal roof incredibly long-lasting, but it’s also one of the most sustainable types of roofing. A primary reason for this has to do with the recyclability of steel. Unlike other roofing materials, steel can be recycled over and over again. 

Because of this, some metal roofs can contain up to 40% recycled steel

When your metal roof reaches the end of its life span, the metal can be recycled once more. 

In contrast, roofing materials like asphalt shingles typically end up in landfills. Their shorter lifespan also means that their disposal rate is higher. 

Metal Roofing Is Energy Efficient

Another reason why metal roofing is sustainable and cost-effective is its energy efficiency. Metal roofs have higher heat-reflecting abilities than most other roofing materials, which usually results in reduced cooling costs. Some metal roofing materials also come with reflective pigment coatings to further enhance heat reflection. Even without this unique feature, a metal roof can still reduce your cooling costs by up to 25%

A Metal Roof Poses Less Maintenance

Along with being highly long-lasting, metal roofing is also a low-maintenance option. The amount and type of maintenance you will need with a metal roof depends on the product you have installed. If you opt for a standing seam metal roof, you will have a bare minimum of maintenance. Aside from keeping your roof free from debris, the main task will be inspecting the flashings around any interruptions in the panels, such as vent and gas pipes. 

Flashing areas present a potential weak point, so you must inspect and maintain these on metal roofs. The roof sheets themselves should be virtually maintenance-free for the duration of their life after install.

If you choose a screw-down metal roof, the maintenance will be a little more. Temperature-related expansion and contraction can cause the roof screws to widen their holes over longer periods of time. To prevent this from causing leaks, you should get a good roofing contractor to come out every 5-10 years to inspect and potentially replace the screws. 

Metal Roofs Are Fire Resistant

Do you live in a wildfire-prone area? Metal roofs happen to be one of the most fire-resistant roof types available. The level of fire resistance of your roof can be a make-or-break factor that determines whether your home can withstand fire or burn down completely. 

Quicker Snow Shedding 

Not only is metal roofing fire-resistant, but it’s also quick to shed snow in colder weather. The naturally smooth and slippery surface of metal roofs helps snow and ice to slide off and warm up quickly. 

Metal Roofing Is Attractive

Last but not least, metal roofing is also attractive. It has a modern, clean look to it and is available in a plethora of color options. 

According to reports, 29% of homeowners in the US said they selected a metal roof because they loved the way it looked. 

Are You Considering a Metal Roof for Your Home?

Are you considering opting for a metal roof? As you can see, metal roofing has several benefits. Not only is it long-lasting and durable, but it can also save you money over time and is a sustainable roofing option in any climate. 

Low pitch requirements and fast and easy installations can also help you offset the cost of this premium roofing material. 

Are you looking for a trusted roofing company to provide advice and assistance on selecting the right roof? We are here to help. 

Blue Nail Roofing is a Master Elite roof repair company. Only 2% of contractors in the US meet the rigorous requirements to achieve Master Elite status. This means you can rest easy when you use our services and know that you are in the best of hands. 

Contact us today and allow us to help you through the process of selecting a new roof. 

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