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Why Choose a GAF Master Elite Roofer in Dallas-Fort Worth TX


When it comes to roof repairs or replacing your roof, there is absolutely no room for compromised quality and experience.  Done properly, it will provide you and your loved ones with years of worry-free protection from the elements, including rain, hail, excessive heat, strong winds and much more.  Having GAF, the largest roofing manufacturer in North America agree to partner with our company reflects being among the best of the industry.

High quality roofing services start and end with choosing the right company.  Within the industry, the GAF Master Elite program has become regarded as one of the benchmark standards of exceptionally reputable roofers.  As one of the very few Dallas-Fort Worth TX roofing companies to hold this prestigious certification , Blue Nail wanted to share a little of what goes into the reaching that status.

Requirements for GAF Master Elite Contractor Certification

All of the following must be demonstrated before a company can offer the GAF Weather Stopper Systems Plus Warranty, or a GAF Weather Stopper Golden Pledge Warranty including:

  • Proper Licensing:  Contractors must provide documentation showing that they are licensed to perform roofing work in their state.  This is a way of ensuring higher levels of professionalism, regulatory compliance and dedication to those they serve.
  • Satisfaction Rating: GAF has sent thousands of surveys to our mutual customers to insure program members are providing the highest level of service and commitment to excellence.
  • Adequate Insurance:  Having ample amounts of insurance acts as a form of protection for the home owner, in the event that unforeseen damage occurs during the roof repair or replacement process.  This limits your chances of hiring a novice or unskilled roofer.
  • A Proven Positive Reputation:  Before GAF certification is awarded, the company’s history and track record is thoroughly examined.  This includes any complaints or suits filed against them, as well as comments, reviews and feedback from past customers. 
  • Commitment to Ongoing Training:  GAF considers innovation a key part of their certification program, and looks carefully at how committed the contractor is to educating their roofers, training their staff and other important factors.

In order to appreciate what it means to become a GAF-certified roofing contractor, consider this:  It’s been estimated that only 3% of all roofers have successfully met the criteria needed to display the MasterElite logo.  Blue Nail takes great pride in being a part of this small network of industry-leading Dallas TX roofing companies.  And as our customers will attest to, it truly shows in the quality, timeliness and professionalism of our work.

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