Residential Roof Inspections in Dallas TX

Residential Roof Inspections in Dallas TX

Whether you had a new roof installed recently or it has been many years, having a seasonal or bi-annual professional inspection can identify potential issues early on.  You may be overwhelmed at the idea of doing a throughout inspection of your roof as many details can be overlooked with the naked eye. Here at Blue Nail Roofing, our crews have been inspecting roofs for over 15 years and have the trained eye to detect any issues at early stages.  Not only that, but our Dallas teams use industry’s most advanced equipment and leak detection technology for a professional residential roof inspections.

Professional Inspection Service will include:

  • Full interior roof inspection
  • Full exterior roof inspection
  • Inside attic inspection to test proper insulation
  • Test for ventilation
  • Test for presence of mold, leaks and moisture
  • Proper flashing (dormers, valleys, side walls, eaves and rakes)
  • Analyze overall roof structure (sagging, deteriorations)
  • Check for wear and tear and overall state of the roof.

Highly Qualified Roofing Company in Dallas TX

Trust Blue Nail with over 15 years of experience in Dallas TX area to perform a hassle-free detailed roof inspection.  Even if you are not noticing any signs of wear, give us a call because some of the most common roof damages typically form without any warning, growing quietly overtime.  Let an experienced professional at Blue Nail handle the residential roof inspection process.

We will ensure that you will receive a free detailed estimate with recommended solutions.  This will give you the peace of mind knowing what needs to be done so your family could be safe and secure every season.

Contact us today at Blue Nail Enterprise in Dallas TX with a simple phone call to 855-255-1975 during normal business hours or via our website’s secure portal at contact page.


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