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Roof Warranty


Having a valid warranty is an important part of the process.   The company servicing that warranty is even more important. After the sale, Blue Nail Roofing customers realize how valuable it is to have chosen a well-established and stable company for their roofing project.   We take every measure we can to prevent issues at your home. Rest assured that if a workmanship issue does arise that we will take care of it.

Types of Warranties

There are two warranties on every roof; one from Blue Nail Roofing and Construction that covers defects due to workmanship, and the other is a manufacturer warranty that covers product defects.

Lifetime Workmanship Warranty

At Blue Nail, our roof installations carry a lifetime workmanship warranty.  You can find this information on the back page of your signed agreement.  Once we receive payment in full for the services rendered, we mail you a warranty certificate.

Your information is available in our system for the term of your warranty, and there is no registration required.  If you have an issue, give us a call at 855-255-1975 or submit the warranty request form below.

Manufacturer Warranties

Manufacturer warranties vary based on the product installed.  Manufacturers list warranty information and specific terms on their websites. We recommend that every customer register their roof.  Registering your roof is simple   We have supplied links below to the warranty page for several major shingle manufacturers.  Just click on the link & follow the instructions.

Warranty Service Request Form

Please read and complete this form so that we may respond promptly to your warranty request. This report is necessary to determine warranty coverage and assist us with completing any necessary repairs. Please complete as much of this information as possible. Feel free to email pictures, videos, drawings, or any other helpful information to [email protected] after you have submitted this form.

Blue Nail GAF Roof Warranty Form
Owner's Name
Owner's Name
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Is there visible damage to the roof?
Is there visible damage to the interior?
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