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7 Things To Look for in a Local Roofing Company

local roofing company

At least 5% of American homeowners incur the hefty cost of roof replacement every year.

If you are in need of roof repair or may need a full roof replacement, choosing a local roofing company with a solid reputation that can help you through both the work process and insurance is your first and most important decision.  Based on many years of experience the following 7 qualities are what to look for when choosing a company for roof repair or roof installation that does high quality work. 

1. Contractor License

Every professional roofing contractor must have a State-issued license before starting work.  Only a licensed and bonded roof repair company can guarantee an estimate, quality of work and materials, that the work meets building codes for your area, and that the work will be completed as agreed. These considerations are very important for maintaining the value of your property.   

2. Experience

Professional experience is not the same as how long a business has been in operation in a particular area.  Sometimes a newer roofing contractor is more familiar with current best practices, roofing materials, and building codes that are updated frequently. That said, a local roofing company who have been around long enough to understand both the business and natural environments have an advantage.  These considerations improve your confidence in an estimate and warranty. As a place to start we recommend looking for a description of both years of experience and services provided on a company’s website; for example, our resources page here.

3. Cost of Service

Comparing the price ranges for companies offering similar services is an initial step, and while cost is important, it is important to keep quality in mind as well.  A commercial roofing company may offer the same services as a residential roofing company, so be sure to consider full service firms.  When either a residential or commercial roofing contractor helps plan your roofing project, in addition to the core roofing, they will consider the drip edge and vent seals to help prevent the premature failure of a roofing repair. 

There are a trade-offs among the type of materials, the extent of the project, and over-all cost.  Context is everything and it is important to carefully identify the problem and the goal.  A trustworthy local roofing company will help you solve the problem and reach the goal, without excessive expenditures. 

4. Go Local

A local roofing contractor is often the best option.  Benefits include access to examples of work done near you, faster response in case of emergency repairs, and more confidence in a warranty of core roofing, drip edge, and other associated materials. 

Additionally, a local firm can often quickly respond with an on-site evaluation and estimate soon after your initial contact.  They will be available for consultation more frequently as the project evolves and be very familiar with local regulations, building codes, and environmental conditions commonly found in your area.  

5. Referrals

A reputable firm should have satisfied clients. One of the easiest ways to gain confidence that a contractor will deliver is to assess their referral list. If they have a history of success, they’ll also have positive reviews from past and current clients.

Referrals are a subjective measure and it is often helpful to read the comments and not simply the number of ‘stars’.  This helps you get a feel for whether or not a local roofing company is a good fit for your project, and more reviews provide a wider variety of opinions.   

6. Insurance

A full service reputable roofing company carries Liability Insurance and this is very important to protect all parties involved.  Additionally,  they can help evaluate your roofing project for a possible homeowner’s insurance claim and work ith your insurance carrier. This is true for either a residential or commercial roofing company. If you have suffered water leaks as a result of damage to your core roofing an owner can often recover property loss as well as drip edge, siding, drywall, paint, and other associated repairs. This may be especially important if your property requires a full roof replacement.

7. BBB Rating

The Better Business Bureau offers both homeowners and commercial building owners an easy way to evaluate a  score when considering quality delivery standards. Every credible firm has a rating with the BBB. Before seeking roofing services, whether for core roofing or core roofing in addition to other services from a residential roofing contractor, consider their rating under the Better Business Bureau.

You only need to visit the site . Once there, enter the zip code and the company’s name. The information related to the company will then pop up. This is an essential part of exercising due diligence when looking for an appropriate roofing company.

In the US alone, there are over 100,000 roofing companies with a market size of over $48 billion. When you’re in the market for a free roof inspection in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, contact Blue Nail . We’re a full service residential & commercial roof company, and have options available for virtually every budget. 


Blue Nail Roofing has a Master Elite contractor status awarded by the largest roofing manufacturer in North America, GAF. Only 2% of contractors in the US meet the rigorous standards to achieve this status, which means you can be assured you are making a smart choice when you select the professionals at Blue Nail to execute your home and business roofing repairs. Call today to schedule a professional evaluation!

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