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Choosing A Commercial Roofer You Can Trust in Dallas-Fort Worth TX

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Your commercial building protects your property and livelihood. It is important to have a commercial roofer that can properly serve you.  Ignoring its ongoing maintenance and repair needs can result in a catastrophic failure that comes with no warning, putting lives, productivity and revenue in jeopardy.  The cost and frequency of roof repair from  storm damage, including hail damage and wind damage, is increasing throughout the region.  Insurance claims for both residential roofing and commercial roofing are also increasing.  Whether from storm damage or a planned roofing project, you need to be confident your repair or installation will be completed on time and to your satisfaction.  

Regardless of whether you own or operate an industrial center, a brick & mortar store, or other type of commercial building, the cost of partial and full commercial roof replacement greatly exceeds the minimal expense needed for consistent, expert maintenance.  We are a full-service, Dallas and Fort Worth roofing contractor specializing in all types including, shingle, metal roofing, roof repair and replacement, windows, and we stand behind our quality workmanship. 

  • Seasonal roof inspections can help identify and resolve minor issues early and avoid premature re-roofing, especially after possible wind damage 
  • New technology allows for advanced detection of visually-undetectable threats like small leaks
  • Most repair of roof damage can be made on the spot with no interruption to your operation
  • Choose an established commercial roofing company with references and credentials
  • Many common roofing problems begin invisibly and manifest gradually over years
  • An inspection for storm damage can save money and time in the long term and help with insurance claims 
  • Blue Nail is a full-service roofing company that offers emergency services including emergency roof repair and windows
  • Request an estimate and our roofing team will help you through the entire process 

The Importance of Consistent Commercial Roof Maintenance

Walking the roof is not a commercial roof inspection.  Even a close examination will not be able to detect the potential leaks from fine cracks and splits that can be found using the industry’s most current technology.  When the best technology is not used, problems that could have been found and mended simply and easily become worse after another season and can lead to failure of critical elements. Additionally, your insurance company will appreciate documented professional maintenance from a commercial roofer.  

Free Roof Inspections for Commercial Businesses in Dallas-Fort Worth

You have nothing to lose by letting an expert check everything out, and we like getting to know our fellow Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas (DFW) businesses. Blue Nail Roofing is a well known commercial roofer in the DFW metroplex and holds some of the industry’s most prestigious certifications and accolades, including being one of the few GAF-certified Master roofing contractors.  Checkout our customer referrals!

To learn more about the importance of staying proactive when it comes to your company’s roof, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.  We pride ourselves on customer service.  


Blue Nail Roofing has a Master Elite contractor status awarded by the largest roofing manufacturer in North America, GAF. Only 2% of commercial roofers and contractors in the US meet the rigorous standards to achieve this status, which means you can be assured you are making a good choice when you select the professionals at Blue Nail to complete your home and business roofing repairs. Call today to schedule a professional evaluation!

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