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The Blue Nail Roofing Evaluation & Estimate Process

1. Inspection: Our process starts with a site visit or inspection of your property. This is necessary to inspect conditions like sheathing, ventilation, roof type and style and accessibility. 

2. Documentation: Photos, videos, sketches and notes of your property are utilized to capture important information insurance and our team requires to complete your project. 

3. Consultation: Sharing what we’ve discovered with you is as important to our consultants as the work itself. 

4. Blue Nail Roofing: We believe you should be 100% comfortable with the consultant and organization you are working with. We will even answer questions you may not have known you had!

5. Process and Product: Whether you have or have not had a roof replaced on your home we share the process and ALL required products for a roofing system. It’s critical you understand the difference between a roofing system and shingles. We will provide options

6. Agreement: We present options to make your roofing system better than it was before and for you to make a decision to become a part of the Blue Nail Roofing & Construction family without pressure. 

7. Payment: We will walk you through how you’d like to fund the project & help you with mortgage company assigned payment endorsements and paperwork. Whether it’s check, cash, credit or low monthly payment options you need, we’ve got you covered! 

8. Relax: Our team of consultants will tell you what to expect, a timeline and alleviate the stress because we’ve got this and YOU! 


Blue nail Roofing & Construction partners with the best in the industry to offer affordable payments for your project! Whether it’s low interest, long term or the same as cash, we’ve got you covered!  

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