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Roof Insurance – Know Your Rights


The roofing industry today is on track to become a $20 billion market. The roofing business field thrives because homeowners consistently need roofing work to keep their homes intact, safe, and at their best. 

If you own your home, it’s important to consider roofing insurance and how it can be an asset in protecting your investment. It is essential to know your rights as a policyholder and use your policy effectively in the unfortunate event of damage to your home.

Keep reading to learn more about roof insurance, how it serves you, and what you should know about putting together a plan.

Understand What Roofing Insurance Does and Why It’s Important

It is crucial to understand what your plan covers and what it requires from the homeowner before signing up. Typically, roof insurance plans are included as part of a base homeowner’s insurance plan. If you would like different coverage or a different provider, you can make that decision as well.

These insurance plans are intended to protect your roof and pay you in the event your roof sustains severe damage. Roofs are directly exposed to sunlight, wind, and moisture over time and can be damaged in any type of severe weather.

More than 6 million properties experienced hail damage in 2020. Your roof and everything underneath it is badly compromised when your roof has sustained severe damage. 

A valid roof policy will protect everyone in the home since the roof is the last line of defense against the elements.

Find Out About the Different Types of Roof Insurance

Several variables come into play when you’re interested in purchasing any roof insurance. Make sure the plan explains what you’re protecting your roof against and that it meets all of your needs. 

You might deal with roof problems related to summer heat, or you may be dealing with the aftermath of hail or a snowstorm. A roof insurance policy might also protect your roof from wear and tear or during an emergency. 

Roofing insurance professionals typically sell actual cash value (ACV) policies. These plans cover your roof from the exact dollar amount that it’s worth once it has sustained some damage. You might also look into a policy that covers you for the replacement costs. 

Figure out what kind of policy is best for your household since the right fit will save you from worlds of headaches and stress. 

Consider the Different Circumstances That You Might Deal With

Finally, verify and assess the details of your insurance plan. For instance, you should determine whether your roof insurance policy covers roof leaks since that’s a typical occurrence in most homes. 

Think about the climate you live in and the type of weather you deal with in your city. These factors will help you figure out what kind of specific policy points you need to include in your coverage. 

Learn Whether Your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy Will Cover Your Roof

Check out your current homeowner’s insurance policy to see if you already have coverage in place. The most standard homeowner’s insurance plans will replace your roof once it’s encountered significant damage. 

Your homeowner’s insurance policy might not cover general roofing wear and tear. Some plans protect against vandalism, fires, and other circumstances, while others do not. Supplement your homeowner’s insurance with a roofing policy if you believe the policy is lacking.

Expect to pay roughly $1,300 on a quality homeowner’s insurance plan. You can also add details to your homeowner’s insurance policy that will protect any type of roof you own. 

Keep Your Roof Information Up to Date on Your Policy

The roof material you choose will directly affect your roof insurance policy. Residential roofs come in different materials, such as aluminum, steel, vinyl, and composites. Each material has varying attributes and vulnerabilities.

If you happen to upgrade your roof or make any changes, be sure that you also update your homeowner’s policy and keep everything up to date. 

Figure Out What You Need to Know About the Claim’s Process

Whenever you purchase a roof insurance policy, make sure that you learn as much as you can about the claim’s process. Understand your plan and what constitutes a claim so that you can take action quickly. 

About 77% of claims happen due to wind damage, moisture damage, and other related events. Do business with professional insurance companies that make it simple to file a roofing claim. 

When approaching a company that provides roof insurance, make sure to ask questions like — “Is a leaking roof covered by insurance?” and “If I get a roof insurance claim denied under this policy, what recourse do I have?”. 

Understand Your Premiums, Terms of Agreement, and More

Finally, it’s essential that you always know the details of your roof insurance plan. Get to know the price of insurance premiums, the terms of the agreement for signing up with the program, and other information about the plan that could affect your future.

Keep your plan current and up-to-date so that your roof and your family are not vulnerable. 

Find the Roof Insurance That You’re Looking For 

The points above explain what you should know about roof insurance. The sooner you start handling the care and coverage of your roof, the sooner you will have peace of mind about its safety. 

We’d be happy to assist you with any roof issues that you’re having. Our company has been around since 2009 and takes pride in providing quality roofing service to our communities. 

At Blue Nail Roofing & Construction, we provide many roofing services for routine repair calls and emergencies. Take the time to contact us on our site or by calling (855)255-1975 to get a free quote on our services.

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