Types of Residential Roofing

types of residential roofing

Wood shingles and tile roofs are the most popular roofing types for residential homes.

Wood Shingle Roofs

Wood shingles can be used to transform the look of any home, or to suit the needs of homeowners with the most distinctive tastes.  They come in hundreds of styles, sizes and woodgrain textures, and are available in prices ranging from modest to luxurious.  At Blue Nail, we offer one of the best catalogs of wood roof shingles, from the industry’s most esteemed manufacturers.  

  • An affordable way to transform the look of your home
  • Styles ranging from traditional & rustic, to elegant & sophisticated
  • Known for their superior weather protection & easy care
  • Helps improve drainage, UV reflection & insulation efficiency
  • One of the most energy-efficient residential roof solutions

If you’ve been contemplating just how much a wood shingle roof could improve your home, call the professional the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex roofers known for value, selection and attention to fine detail.  Blue Nail has been proudly based here in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex for over a decade, with hundreds of happy homeowners who swear by our service.

Tile Roofing

Tile roofs have a regal and stylish appearance, perfect for changing the look or improving energy-efficiency in any Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex home.  Tile roofs come in a vast array of design styles, in addition to hundreds of colors, textures and sizes.  Here in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, Blue Nail has become known as the go-to source for tile roofing.  We offer an unbeatable inventory of roof tiles, to match the design or color scheme of your house.

  • Adds a distinguished and elegant look to every home
  • Roof tile systems available to meet virtually any budget
  • Can help improve your home’s energy efficiency
  • Styles include modern, southwestern, elegant & more
  • Blue Nail is a leader in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex tile roof installs

Stop wondering how good your home would look with a tile roof, and do something about once and for all.  Call the professional roofing experts at Blue Nail for answers to your questions, or to schedule your free in-home consultation.


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