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Choosing the Best Roof Replacement in Dallas-Fort Worth TX


Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex weather can be notorious for doing a real number on residential roofs.  While the scorching summer heat, strong winds and torrential rain may be something we residents grow accustomed to over time, it’s a different story for the roofs we rely on.  They age, crack, fade, split and sometimes pieces of them blow away.  As most long time homeowners already know, the day will eventually come when you need to think about having your roof replaced.

In this video we see Jesse the Jack Russell making the most of a roof in serious need of help.  And while his efforts are noble, this is exactly the type of situation you don’t want to find yourself in.  Before you resort to covered furniture and strategically placed buckets, consider the advantages of upgrading your peace of mind with a GAF Timberline roof.

Advantages of GAF Timberline Roofs

  • Proven to be stronger & longer-lasting than traditional roofs
  • Choose from a full spectrum of custom color shades
  • Limited lifetime warranties & 10 years Smart Choice® protection
  • Shown to withstand 130 mile-per-hour wind gusts
  • Installed with Dura-Grip® shingle adhesive for superior durability
  • Ideal for protection in all types of weather conditions
  • One of the most popular replacement roofs in Dallas TX!

Whether you’ve been in your home for a few weeks or a few decades, making sure that your roof is capable of withstanding the strong variations in Dallas weather is vital.  If you’ve noticed any of the common signs of aging or damaged roofing structures, we invite you to find out why more and more homeowners are putting their trust in the GAF Timberline series and Blue Nail.

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